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Speer Financial Services

Continuing Disclosure Experience

Speer Financial, Inc. provides continuing disclosure services to approximately 150 clients. These services range from full dissemination agent relationships to simply preparing the issuer's financial operating data for its annual filing.

Disclosing material events remains the responsibility of each issuer.

Speer Financial, Inc. electronically submits the clients disclosure document to "EMMA", the Electronic Market Access system of the MSRB. Prior to the due date, 180-210 days after the close of the client’s fiscal year.

Disclosure requirements vary by security.

Typical Tables
General Obligation Bonds
- Retailers Occupation Tax, if applicable
- Property Assessment and Tax Information
- Debt Information
- Financial Information

Revenue Bonds
- System Data
- System Debt
- System Financial Information

Special Service Areas/
Special Assessments

- Area Debt Information
- Area Tax Information

Installment Contracts/
Debt Certificates

- Same as General Obligation Bonds