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Issuer Village of Lansing
State Illinois
Sale Date December 16, 2014
Time & Type of Sale
Dollar Amount $7,615,000
Subject to Change No
Security General Obligation Refunding Bonds
Series 2014
Maturities March 01, 2016 - March 01, 2023
Dated Date December 22, 2014
Expected Closing Date December 22, 2014
Bank Qualified Yes
Tax Status Tax-Exempt
Interest Type Semi-Annual Interest
Rating Agency & Investment Rating(s) Moody's Investors Service
A2 (Stable Outlook) (Insured Rating)

S&P Global Ratings
AA (Stable Outlook) (Insured Rating)

Moody's Investors Service
A3 (Underlying Rating)
Insurance Company & Insured Rating Assured Guaranty Municipal
A2 (Stable Outlook) Moody's; AA (Stable Outlook) S&P
Bidder's Option Insurance
Date Callable non-callable
Final Official Statement Download