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Speer Financial Services

Typical Studies
In addition to planning that results in the issuance of debt, Speer Financial, Inc., at the request of clients, provides additional services that result in reports of studies conducted such as, but not limited to:
  1. Rate (Tax and Fee) Studies are conducted to identify the level of tax and/or fee revenues projected to be necessary to support the operation, maintenance and improvement of existing or enhanced service levels of operating funds or enterprise systems.

  2. Fund Balance Studies are conducted to provide a framework for financial policies to be defined by governing boards to determine sufficient cash flow reserves in individual funds.

  3. Refunding Studies are conducted to identify savings targets that are appropriate for each debt issuance of each client. These targets are then monitored to insure that when savings levels are approached that the client is prepared to consumate the refunding and achieve and exceed the savings target.

  4. Capital Improvement Financing Plans are prepared in conjunction with multiple-year capital project plans to set forth how and when the projects will be financed. These plans incorporate when funds will be available; funding levels required; financing vehicles to be utilized and revenue streams reserved.

  5. Coverage Reports are provided to all clients issuing revenue bonds or double-barrelled bonds to document the sufficiency of revenues to exceed debt service by the required minimum thresholds.

  6. Iowa TIF Reports are prepared on behalf of our municipal clients in the State of Iowa. These reports document the cash flow of the incremental revenues to meet obligations.

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