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Summary of Referendum Campaign and Financial Planning Services

This proposal is made for our services in connection with the formulation of plans necessary to be implemented in order to accurately inform and effectively educate the residents of the agency about the issues involved in the public policy question being addressed.

Speer Financial will meet with agency officials and selected community leaders to facilitate the preparation of a referendum plan. The purposes of this session(s) include development of a plan of action and eventual dissemination of information to the electorate. Speer Financial will assist in the formation of plans for the activities of a team of selected citizens who will be advocates of the referendum and responsible for the financial support needed to pass the election issue. Since the agency is not able to expend tax dollars to support or oppose an election issue, this citizen's group must accept that responsibility. Directing the planning and organizing of the agency s education campaign as well as the citizen advocacy group campaign are key Speer Financial services. Furthermore, Speer's performance monitoring of defined action steps and timelines during the campaign will enhance the likelihood that the ultimate decision of the electorate is rendered by an informed constituency.

Speer Financial will develop a series of options for funding the building, construction, equipping, and furnishing of the agency's project. We will report to the agency its ability to finance the construction of the facility, via referendum authorized general obligation bonds.

We will provide options for the referendum issue to be properly sized. Speer Financial will provide several years to maturity debt retirement options to reflect the anticipated tax rate impact based on the specific structures being explored.

We will work with staff to anticipate any future financial operational impact. Larger facilities, while newer and more efficient, may be more costly to staff, operate and maintain. Speer Financial will utilize data gathered by others and present an anticipated range of operating expenses and will translate those into an anticipated operating tax rate range required to support the project.